What we do

We are committed by the talent and the risk, if you want to carry out the realization of any audio-visual piece, consider yourself a creative person, with great personality, courage and wanting to give out your true creative world, we are willing to do it, you place you are, we want to know your story to show to the world in their various screens.

Mark Almeria
Movies filmed in Almeria for Almeria

Never happened in the history of the cinema: a professional feature film shot in Almería in which most of the technical and artistic team out of the city and province of Almeria.

For the first time in the history of the city have come together two generations of Almeria youth ranging from 20 to 40 years in all the film departments, from the direction, production, script, art direction, photography, installation, actors, a long list of professionals whose career demonstrates his fitness to become referents creators.

32HISTORIAS was created with the intention of becoming a backbone of all that talent, to channel and transform it into an engine that leads, not only quality products, but also a dynamic creative and generating synergies that will allow us to put Almeria as a producer of something that for decades it permeates the DNA of our land : THE CINEMA.


Also from 32HISTORIAS we offer the possibility of serving as co-producers to all production from anywhere in the world who wants to shoot in Almeria integra or partially, providing all sorts of technical material and all necessary human staff, as well as all the necessary steps to roll in the land of Almería, both in the material aspects as economic.