Carlos is a successful writer who is locked up in his house; can not finish his next novel, is blocked. Due to a tragic event he has lost all inspiration. His publisher insists him to fulfill his contract. Carlos is unable to get out of this situation just by himself, and his editor decides to send him Caterina, a young assistant who knows and admires all Carlos’ work. The presence of Caterina makes Carlos to restore some order in his life, making real efforts to overcome the fears that paralyze him, carrying out routines that help him concentrate. Despite this, Carlos is still unable to leave the house; he sees on Caterina the unique opportunity to finish the novel and is not willing to lose it. Carlos starts to build the burrow, where Caterina will attempt to escape at all costs.


Director, editor and writer. He studied Audiovisual Communication at CEU San Pablo and Assembly at the school of cinematography and of the Audiovisual of the community of Madrid (ECAM). He has produced and mounted the documen – “Return to nowhere” and he has been the editor of three television series and several commercials. He has also edited and made the mix of dozens of short films by the which has received several pre – mine in the categories best editing and sound, national and international (Cortogenia Madrid, Filmlab Brescia, 24 fps, Kalidoscopi Cullera) and several nominations. “The Writer’s Burrow” is his first film.


The producer and actor, Francisco Conde, gives life to Carlos, our protagonist. As an actor, he has worked in film, television and theatre. He has been awarded several times as best actor in different jobs, including their UN-TS in films such as “El Triunfo” of Mirea Ros, “Entrelobos” by Gerardo Olivares, “Ispansi” of Carlos Iglesias, “Fled” from Mercedes Gaspar, or “Hunches” of Santiago Tabernero. Currently has made his debut in an international production, in the Bulgarian film “Once Upon a Time in the Western” of Boris Despodov, sharing the role with Claudia Cardinale. “The Burrow” is his first film as a producer.

Adriana Torrebejano is one of the young actresses with greater talent within the Spanish national scene for his work in different – rentes series of success on television and in the theatrical field. “The Burrow” is his debut in the film.

Cristina Castaño plays Rosa Maicas. It became known on television and for more than one decade has great populari – dad, due to the success of the different series that starred. “The Burrow” is his second film after starring in next to Victoria Abril “Móstoles is not what it seems or the importance of being embodies” Vicente Villanueva.

Carlos Santos is the agent Galvez. Television actor and theatre of great recognition. He has worked on films such as “Mortadelo y Filemón. “Mission: save the Earth” Miguel Bardem, “Brain of brains” Fernando González Molina, “Also the rain” Iciar Bollain, “The perfect stranger” of Toni Bestard, “Imanol Uribe” Orange honey, and just starring in the latest film by Alberto Rodríguez, “The man of a thousand faces”.

Javier Mora Torres gives life to the agent. Usual actor in television and theatre, has appeared in films such as “To the end of the road” of Roberto Santiago, “which se mueran los feos” Nacho G. Velilla, “that call not love… call it X”Oriol Capel,”Brain drain 2″of Carlos Therón,”La Voz Dormida”of Benito Zambrano,”the world is our-tro”Alfonso Sánchez and Pablo Malo” Lasa and Zabala”.

Equipo Técnico

Producer: Francisco Conde

Director: Kurro Gonzalez

Screenplay: Kurro González and Francisco Conde

Production designer: Fernando Contreras

Director of photography: Alberto Muñoz

Sound design: Daniel Soriano

Direct sound: Leticia Argudo

Music: Luis Herrero “The Youth”

Assembly: Kurro González and Paul more

Costume design, makeup and photography: Jesús de Bina and Franziska Febo

Director of production: Estela Torres